Friday, November 20, 2020

What we are thankful at AOFC!

 The staff  here at The Academy of Forrest Crossing are amazing and they work super hard to love, teach and keep the kids safe every hour of everyday there are here!! We have a lot to be thankful for this year even though times have been challenging and downright depressing there have been bright spots that have shown through even in the toughest of times and I thought writing down what we are thankful for would keep those bright spots shining!! Each of the staff had a leaf to write down what they were thankful for on and then post in our break room so we could all look at what each person wrote down and there were lots of warm fuzzy feelings floating around after that for sure! Our Pre K 2 class had lots of things they were thankful for as well and their sweet hearts on the bulletin board said it all! 

This is what the staff at AOFC is thankful for !

We are too! 

It is the best hands down! 


So sweet!

Pk 2 is very thankful for family, school, brothers, sisters, etc..

Very Sweet indeed ! 

Such Kindness! 

Many amazing things to be thankful for! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

PS 3 adopts a Sea Turtle

 Our Ps 3 class has had the amazing opportunity provided by a parent of a student in the class, to adopt a rescued sea turtle named Rebel. The kids received a special package last week with a book about sea turtles, a certificate for their class declaring  his adoption, an information sheet all about Rebel and finally a picture of their special friend! Rebel lives at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon Fl and he was injured by a boat and can no longer use his back flippers and it damaged his shell at bit but he is in great care at the hospital. The adoption is for a the whole school year and Rebel will write them letters letting them know how and what he is doing each day. What a special thing for the kids in Ps 3 to look forward to and get to learn all about sea turtles straight from the source ! 

All the info about Rebel's adoption!

All Rebel's info and stats

Book about Sea turtles

PS 3 showing off their certificates for Rebel

Adoption certificate

The special letter from Rebel

Friday, November 6, 2020

Election day at AOFC!

 Election day is a huge day across our country and a very important day in our Prek 1 and Prek 2  classes as they got to cast their ballot for President and decide what they would have for lunch Wednesday in class. In a landslide vote, mac and cheese won for lunch vs chicken nuggets and the majority vote for President was Trump in both classes. Pre K learned to use a ballot box to cast their votes as well as a lesson on polls and what happens when you win and when you lose. There was lots of excitement as the winner was announced for both lunch and the President. 

The voting booth is ready?

Casting your lunch vote

Ballots going in the ballot box

What is your pick?

Casting his vote! 

The votes are in! 

Ready to vote on lunch! 

Maybe chicken nuggets?


                                                                              I Voted ! 


Friday, October 30, 2020

Trunk or Treat at AOFC

 We have been anxiously awaiting our Fourth Annual Trunk or Treat all month and all of the participants  really brought their A game to win the title of favorite trunk and a one hundred dollar gift card to Publix! The teachers voted on their favorites and there were so many awesome ones it was really hard to narrow it down to just one! It wouldn't be trunk or treat without Captain America, Elsa, Anna,  Olaf, Skeletons, Fireman, witches and many others that visited all the amazing trunks this morning! It was so much fun seeing all our friends dressed up and excited to trunk or treat with their class! We loved all the fun art projects, dress up days  and grab n go's leading up to today! Happy Halloween! 

I love baby chicks! 

Trick or Treat

What did we get?! 

Lined up so nicely 

Little lamb

Jack Skellington is the best! 

Under the sea! 

Howdy Partners! 

Its a jungle out there! 

Happy Halloween! 

The winner of the trunk or treat contest! Yummy!

Follow the yellow brick road! 

Stop Drop and Roll! 

Let it go! 

Unicorns are magical! 

Howdy Yall! 

Unicorn princess! 

Inflatable unicorn for the win!! 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Spiders, bats, and pumpkin week, oh my!!

 We have had such a fun spooky week leading up to Halloween! There was a fun Spider craft,  a grab n’ go  made of goblin teeth( candy corn), witches warts( raisins),  ghost parts ( marshmallows), Monster scabs ( Chex cereal)!! The kids loved it and couldn’t wait to eat it on the way out the door and they kept talking about all the treats in the bag and what each thing was! Wednesday was bat necklaces that were super cute and Thursday was Halloween dress up day for both our kids and staff! There were lots of  awesome Halloween outfits, headbands, socks and leggings! Some friends even had matching shirts in their class which they loved.  Finally the big finale is the Pumpkin contest that each class participated in and the families vote on to decide their favorite. The class winner gets a pizza and ice cream party! What an awesome week!! 

Spider Craft! 

We loved making bat necklaces! 

Boo Mix for everyone! 

Ghost parts, Goblin teeth, Witch warts and Monster Scabs! 

Skeletons are our favorite!

Pumpkin shirts are awesome! 

Pretty girl! 

Baby skeletons are the cutest! 


Such a cute skeleton witch! 

Look we match! 

Who is going to win?!!