Thursday, November 7, 2019

Halloweek 2019

Happy November AOFC families! I am so excited that the temperatures have dropped to the cooler temps outside. This is the time of the year that the kiddos have so much fun spending time on the playground, running around, playing with chalk, gathering leaves, and just playing with their friends! It is so much better then the miserable hot heat! Last week we celebrated Halloween with a huge bang! We had our pumpkin contest with all of our classrooms, and this year they really went all out! It was so much fun hearing the kiddos choose which one they loved the most. We had a scarecrow, turkey, forky, baby shark, olaf, a hamburger and so many other incredible pumpkins! The winner got a pizza party and the winner was... FORKY! Who doesn't love Toy Story! Of course we then had to have our annual teacher Halloween contest! The winner this year was a two time winner and he dressed up as baby shark! We had so many other fun activities going on. Last year we began our first annual Trunk or Treat, so this year we made it even bigger and better. The morning of Halloween was so dreary. It was cold and windy, cloudy and gloomy, and just plain sad looking! We had 19 families signed up to participate this year whereas last year, we had 8. So on the morning of, we had to make a decision to do our Trunk of Treat outside, or have our families use their backup rain plan and move this show inside. We chose inside just to be on the safe side, and boy did it turn out to be the most epic Trunk or Treat ever!!! Our families truly showed up and showed out for this event. They had the most incredible "Trunks" set up and with the last minute location change, they absolutely blew us away. We had everyone set up in our enrichment room area, and a few outside underneath our huge awning. Our kiddos lined up by the class and had their parade around the school, gathering as much candy and small toys as possible. Even our infants had their cribs decorated and got to join in the parade. All of our families had the most fun just seeing everyone all dressed up and excited as ever! After Trunk or Treat, every class had their own Halloween party in which the parents could join in on too. We had an absolute blast with Halloween this year and we could not be more grateful for all of our families who participated and helped to make these littles have such a fun day. With this year being so awesome, next year has some really tough shoes to fill! We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

 Watch out! Spider-man caught himself a robber!

 Just the coolest of kids.

 The sweetest little parade of littles!

 Three VERY super superheros

 PS2 going to get the goodies!

 How cute is the WWE wrestler!?

 Have you ever seen a prettier Snow White?


 Just a cow and a unicorn hangin out!

 The most incredible display.

 Flamingo's everywhere!

 Trick or Treat!

 This is just the sweetest thing EVER.

 Family Frozen Fun!

 I cannot handle this sweetness.

 The prettiest superwoman I've ever seen.

Go Titans!

The winner of our Trunk or Treat!

 Our 2019 costume contest winner!

 Baby Shark doo doo....

How incredible is this scarecrow?

 Gobble till ya wobble y'all!

It was a super close call between the two of these amazing pumpkins! But the winner was.....

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Thank you to all of our families for voting for us for Best of Parenting for 12 years in a row!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Happy last week of October! How in the world is time going by so quickly! I know I say this all of the time, but I would like for time to slow it's roll! These kiddos are growing up way too quickly. We have had a really fun day today despite all of this rain. Our teachers were so creative in making the best of this situation and making sure that the children had as much gross motor activity as possible without being able to go outside! You would think that days like today would make everyone just a little bit sad, BUT not here at AoFC! Gross motor activities play an important part in physical development for our growing friends. Creating crafts and doing lots of drawing, playing with parachutes, learning our states and countries, and even having huge dance parties! Even though we missed being able to run around outside, we sure made the best of our rainy day!

Even our teachers had a blast with the dance party!

Check out those moves though....

The biggest dance party!

Look out y'all! They're coming through!

Toddler one listening so sweetly to a book!

Our toddler friends practicing their free art skills!

Some friends just looking at all of the rain!

Choo choo train!

Learning all about our country!

Keeping the ball on the parachute!

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Franklin Fire Dept. Visits!

We are nearly into the month of November and that is just CRAZY! This month has been full of so much fun and extra festivities. Our kiddos got to experience something super cool this past week that they have continued to talk about all throughout the days! The Franklin Fire Department stopped by the school to show all of our kiddos, including the babies their BIGGEST firetruck! That's right! They brought the biggest fire truck that they have and let me tell you, that thing was literally huge. The firemen were so kind, and they began with telling our little's a little bit about fire safety and they utilize the different tools on the truck. After speaking with the children, the firemen opened up the doors and let the kids go through the firetruck. They loved getting to step inside and really see up close and personal where the firemen sit while they're driving, and the uniforms that they have to put on! Once all of the kiddos went through the truck, the firemen turned on their lights for us! The children really loved getting to see the lights on. This was an awesome and very educational experience for our school and we are so very thankful for the Franklin Fire Department taking time out of their busy days to come and see us.

The little's checking out the inside of the firetruck!

 Crazy hair don't care!

 Our Prek One kiddo's posing in front of the firetruck!

The biggest truck they had!

Just in awe staring at the firetruck!

So big it couldn't all fit in the picture!

 High five's for the firefighter!

Speaking to the big kids!

Thank you so much to our Fire Department!

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Creating a Fire Safety Plan for Your Family

October is Fire Safety Month

We wanted to help provide some tips on how to create a fire safety plan for you family. give us some great advice on creating a fire safety plan for your family.

Plan a Family Fire Drill

Your first step: Create an escape plan based on your home's layout. Identify two ways out of every room, if possible. Then go over the plan with children ages 5 and older. Children younger than 5 children understand better by practicing, so walk around your home and show your children where the exits are and how they'll get out. 
Home drills can be scary for small kids, so it's important to reassure them. Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide says "Tell your child that it's your job to protect her. You can say something like, 'We don't expect to have a fire, but if it happens, this is what we'll do to be safe.'"
Make sure all doors and windows can be opened easily and that all adults know how to operate the emergency release devices on window guards in upstairs rooms.
Next, teach your kids to "get low and go." Have them practice escaping from each room by crouching down very low and crawling along the perimeter of the room to an exit. Make sure your child understands that this technique is different from "stop, drop, and roll," which is what kids should do only if their clothing catches fire. (Carr explains that during at-home drills, many children have tried to stop, drop, and roll their way out of rooms.) Coach your child to feel a closed door with the back of his hand before he opens it; if it's hot, he should quickly head to the second way out if there's one available.
If your family lives in an apartment or multi-unit building, review the building’s evacuation plan. Teach your children to always take the stairs if there’s a fire. 
Do your drill a couple of times each year, using a different exit each time. If you have a fire escape, make sure that it's clear. If you live in a home with a second or higher level and you don't already have a Ul-certified collapsible rescue ladder, consider getting one to stow near an exit window. Children should be a rung above you and stay between your body and the ladder as they climb down, so you can catch them in case they slip. The Fire Department of New York recommends attaching the ladder at least once soon after you get it, so that you know it works and you're familiar with it in an emergency.
Finally, work out which parent will oversee which child's removal. "This should reduce any confusion that can cost precious seconds," says Carr. Establish your family meeting spot outside the home so that you can quickly do a head count.
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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall Fest 2019

If there is one day out of every single year that the entire Forrest Crossing family looks forward too, it's Fall Fest! This year was our FOURTH one and it is just so crazy to think how fast time is truly going. We do our Fall Fest every year in the month of October on a Friday night and we not only invite all of our school families, but we also open it up to the public to come as well! Our families look forward to this day every year right along with us! Some of the festivities that we have every year are train rides, bounce houses, tattoos and face painting, bubbles and chalk, pumpkin painting, small games, a balloon artist, photo booth, and prizes! We also offer lots of delicious foods including a chili bar, popcorn bar with all of the goods to go in it, and cupcakes! The kiddos absolutely LOVE the train rides that take them all around our parking lot and up to the light thats at the end of our street! The parents get to ride along with them which makes it even more fun. Our balloon artist was absolutely hilarious this year! He had our kiddos and their families laughing hysterically throughout the night! Then there is the petting zoo, which let me tell you, it is one of the coolest things ever when you get to have your very own petting zoo in the parking lot of your school! The kiddos get the opportunity to go in the fences and feed the animals and pet them too :) All of our special guests were just incredible, and we were so grateful to all of them for coming out and making this night so memorable for everyone. We had the sweetest of women come and do a book fair for everyone as well! The best part for the parents would definitely be the guessing games! Whoever guesses the closest amount of pumpkins in the mason jar gets a FREE week of tuition!! This year we had two families guess the exact number of pumpkins!! Congrats to our winners! We had such a blast this year and it seems that every single year just gets better and better. Thank you to all of you who came out and enjoyed the night with us :)


This family has been here for all of our Fall Fest's!

Another family that has been here from the start!

We love those boys!

Could they be any more adorable!?

Sweet silly friends!

Pumpkins that were painted by our lil artists!

Our welcome table!

Trying to win those prizes!

Face painting!!

The most hilarious balloon artist!

Popcorn bar!

Say hello to our new friend!

of course ACE had to make an appearance!

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