Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December Happenings

What a magical time of year we are in!! AOFC LOVES this time of year because we have SO MUCH fun and everyone is filled with the Christmas spirit! Our December calendar is full of exciting activities, snacks, and visitors! So far we have constructed awesome fizzy candy cane experiments, tapped into our creative side and made bow art, gobbled up delicious elf munch and a special reindeer snack, AND we hosted our 3rd annual door decorating contest. Hard to believe we did all of the just in the first week of December! Check out all of the other fun things happening at AOFC in December! 

 Special snacks are always a huge hit here! On December 11, we will have a christmas tree cone special snack that  the kiddos will get to help with! 
For more holiday themed snack ideas please click HERE
 Dress up days are the best days!! Let's all wear our favorite Christmas sweater on December 12 and show our Christmas spirit! 
Want to get creative with your kiddos sweater? Click HERE for some DIY inspiration
 I bet your little ones have their lists all ready for christmas! On December 13 we will all write letters to Santa and drop them in our special mailbox so they can be delivered to the North Pole in time for Christmas! 
Click HERE to check out some awesome templets for your letters! 
 SANTA!!! REAL LIVE SANTA!!! On December 14 Santa himself will be here to share some sweets, take a pic, and hear all those christmas lists!! Santa will arrive at 3pm and will have to depart back to the North Pole at 4:30. Families are welcome!!! 
Are your kiddos not so keen of the big jolly giant? Click HERE for some tips on how to help your trip to pictures with Santa go over smoothly! 
 A true holiday favorite!! On December 17, we will all read The Night Before Christmas in preparation of the big day! Does your family have a favorite Christmas book? 
For a list of AMAZING holiday books that you can read with your family, please click HERE
DELICIOUS!! Whats better than building and making masterpieces? The fact that you can EAT IT afterwards!!! On December 19, we will host a gingerbread house building party in the classroom! 
For some gingerbread inspiration, please click HERE

Who doesn't love a good Christmas craft?? We have incorporated so many fun activities like this for our kiddos this month. Between tissue paper wreaths, Christmas tree creations, and some fun fire work art for the new year, these kids will be all crafted out! 
For some awesome holiday crafts you can do at home with your little one, click HERE
Yup! That's right! On December 24 and 25 we will be closed in observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Regular scheduled school hours will resume December 26! 

 School is in session but the Christmas fun will continue! We invite your kiddo to wear their favorite pair of pajamas to school and cozy up in the enrichment room for a movie day!! 
For a list of great family Christmas movies to watch at home, click HERE

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. May this season be filled with love and fun memories. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

3rd Annual Door Decorating Contest

The teachers at AoFC LOOOOVEEEE to decorate their doors every month. But one very special month out of the year they pull out all of the stops. They go all out and bring out all the bells and whistles. We have officially entered that month! December hosts our Annual Door Decorating Contest. Teachers have been working long and hard to have the best of the best! The winner is awarded a $50 gift card to Parent Teacher store to pick out some new goodies for their room. The doors are finished and voting is open! Now through the morning of Dec 7 all votes will be counted and a winner will be announced that afternoon. Don't forget to vote for your favorite door!

All aboard the Polar Express!!

Oh  christmas tree, Oh christmas tree. How lovely are your branches!! 

Santa Clause is coming to town! 

Oh deer! Christmas is here! 

I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2 foot pole! 

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Gingerbread wonderland! 

Holly jolly! 

The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care

Twas the night before christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. 

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Classroom Feature: PreK 2

Our PreK 2 teachers, Ms. Carolyn and Mr. John, make an AWESOME team. They go together like milk and cookies. They are two peas in a pod! Not only are they always implementing a fun and challenging Kindergarten readiness program, but they are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to bring to the classroom. For example: This holiday season they are bringing the North Pole to the classroom. (Stay tuned for another blog about their big North Pole surprise) Through our Frogstreet curriculum, Enrichment program, and so many other fun and educational activities implemented throughout the day, our PreK 2 kiddos are learning so much! Sight words, shoe tying, writing and journaling, and fine and gross motor skills just to name a few. We often see our PreK friends taking adventures through the school on a cold, rainy day or setting up an outdoor obstacle course and making up their own fun games. There are so many things that we love about our PreK 2 class and the teachers in there but their love for the kiddos, excitement to teach, and fun ideas brought to the classroom are a few of our favorites! Check out the pics below to see some of the fun had in the classroom! 

PreK2 is ready for the holiday season! All aboard the Polar Express!

Mr. John reading the story of Jack and The Bean Stalk and has sequence magnets ready to be able show visuals! 

Practicing those letters! This friend has the letter A mastered!

Practice makes perfect! Our friends work hard in PreK2! 

Craft time! Gluing and cutting and tearing  oh my! 

All work and no  play? Yeah right!! We love to get down and play! These tracks are a classroom favorite! 

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Stay tuned for a blog about the Polar Express surprise coming up in this classroom! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are so many things to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving season, AOFC is extra thankful for all of the sweet families we have here and the memories we get to make together. We recently got to all gather around for an amazing Thanksgiving family feast. We had turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie and so much more! Mom and Dads, brothers and sisters all came to share memories and give thanks together right there in our Enrichment Room! There were many laughs, messy faces, and expressions of gratitude from all. AOFC wants to wish all of their families and friends a very happy Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for you all and the times we get to share with your little ones. 

Look at that delicious pumpkin pie!! It definitely didn't last long but we had plenty to go around! 

Memories in the making! So grateful for friends, family, and good times. 

Family time is the best time. We hope all of our families had a great time! 

The pumpkin pie was a huge hit! This friend gobbled his up so quick! YUMMY!! 

All of our families were served but the line was massive! Everyone waited eagerly for their plate of yummy thanksgiving food. 

Family style dining was so much fun. Families from different classrooms got to interact and create relationships. 

We love mac and cheese!! Another huge hit! 

Thank you all again for making this an amazing thanksgiving feast! We all had so much fun and hope everyone has a great holiday! 

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For fun thanksgiving themed activities to do with you little on please click HERE

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Day In The Life Of An AoFC Infant

Watching babies grow and learn is so special. We see the first light bulb go off, witness first steps, hear first words, and watch as they go from babies to toddlers almost in the blink of an eye. Our Infant Program is packed with so much fun that challenges our littlest friends to grow and learn. Learning through play is the best way for these cuties but every moment is a moment for learning. When we read books to infants they are developing language skills. If that book is a touch and feel book, they will be interested in reaching out to grab the book and feel the different textures. Tummy time and time on the floor is a great way to work those baby muscles through leg movement, rolling over, and holding themselves up. Even when eating, we can learn! When a baby is in a highchair eating, they can use baby signs for "more", "please", "all done" and so much more to let us know that they need! There are so many ways to learn in the classroom between toys, books, songs, movements, and so much more!! Check out some pictures of our sweet babies learning! 

Classroom toys are a great way to kick off learning. Educators are able to tell the baby what color(s) the toy is, what shape it is, and can help demonstrate what the function of the toy is.

As babies develop, they start to reach for and grab items, such as toys, within their view. To encourage this, we place toys in front of their face to watch them grab for it and then eventually as they are able to sit up on their own, the toy is placed on the floor in front of them so they can reach for it on their own. 

Feedings are a great opportunity to help babies grow and develop their brain. Through serve and return interactions, educators and babies are able to create a bond and trust. The infant shows interest through coos and smiles, different noises. We are able to return the interest by cooing back, singing, smiling, talking. Likewise, the educator can smile at the baby, talk to them, and sing songs which will provoke a response in return from the baby! 

My muscles are growing! I am able to sit up. Look at that sweet smile!

Reading is a great way to help develop language skills. When an educator reads to a child, the child hears the words and sees the picture. The child can point to the picture and the educator can tell the child what the picture is. The book make have pull outs, flaps, touch and feel pages, or actions for the baby to follow like clapping hands. 

We can see again how this little friend is reach for toys within her sight. Her muscles are growing and she is able to pull the toy down towards her.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was a BLAST here at The Academy of Forrest Crossing! We had a packed day full of yummy treats, cute costumes, decorated trunks, and parties!! The kiddos were all so excited to show off their costumes. Some friends were so committed to their costumes that they stayed in character all day long- IMPRESSIVE! We started our day by welcoming in all of our ghosts and goblins with fun Halloween music and a spooky AM snack. We moved into our Trunk or Treating event soon after. Parent volunteers signed up to decorate their trunks and pass out yummy treats. No tricks here though, even one lucky and hardworking parent got a treat! We had a contest to see who had the best trunk and the winner got a $100 Publix gift card! Congrats to the Bedrock trunk for winning the grand prize! After all the kiddos collected their treats we started our lunch parties. Families were invited to come in and have lunch with their little loves. The lunches were provided by... you guessed it.. our AWESOME parent volunteers! All the kids loved getting to have so many fun and creative treats for lunch. Oranges that looked like pumpkins, bananas that looked like ghosts, and even some fun dessert platters and cute sandwich platters. The kids were all tuckered out after a day of fun and rested for nap before getting up again and gearing up for trick or treating that night.  This Halloween event was so much fun and we are so thankful to all of our families. Thank you all for making this day a success!! Farewell to October... Hello November!!! Next up, THANKSGIVING!!! 

Let the trunk or treating BEGIN! We had 15 trunks decorated and stocked with treats ready for our friends! 

How fun! This interactive, under the sea themed trunk attracted so many friends! They loved getting to play in the bubbles. 

Caution! Adorable baby on board! 

Family costumes make my heart sing! Look how cute this paw patrol family is. Not pictured: their littlest love in full paw patrol costume as well. 

Another fun Family costume! Skeletons are the best! 

Bee-do! We had a visitor! This fun minion themed trunk got a lot of attention! 

Party time! Yummy food for all! 

A dinosaur and a princess enjoying some delicious treats.

Happy Halloween from Preschool 3! 

Happy Halloween from PreK 1! 

A sweet mother daughter duo. Mrs. Frizzle and her Lizard! 

The perfect teacher duo- Buzz and Woody! This team works so well together! 

Program Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Director or better known as the three blind mice! 

Dora and Boots complete with backpack! Where will their adventures take them? 

Peter Pan, Never grow up. HA! Get it? 

CONGRATS!!!! This is our employee costume contest winner! The Little Old (bearded) Lady Who Swallowed a Fly! 

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