Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mother Goose!

Well y'all, it's that time of year again where one of our most favorite visitors comes to see us. We absolutely adore Mother Goose! She comes with lots of fun and exciting props, songs, books, and activities for all of our kiddos to engage in. Mother Goose really brings out the magic of literacy, and gets these kiddos belly laughing like no other. We had quite a few teachers that were just captivated by her as well, and just could not contain their joy and laughter. One of the best parts about summer at The Academy is all of the fun special guests that we get to visit with, and Mother Goose is one of those visitors that we will book over and over again because she is continuously bringing joy to our precious kiddos. She put on such a fun interactive show for the kids to teach them about the ocean, who lives there, what they do, and how we can protect the sea! The kids got to sing and learn about whales, dolphins, crabs, penguins, lobsters, turtles, and so much more! Our friends loved getting to dive into this learning experience and help Mother Goose with her show along the way. Our friends got to count sea creatures, hear a story about two funny pelicans, and some special volunteers got to help put on a puppet show at the end! This was a really fun and interactive way to learn about sea creatures and how to protect our ocean. I've gotta say too, the kiddos that went to volunteer with Mother Goose.....THE cutest ever! We will never get bored of Mother Goose and we are so incredibly grateful to her for always wanting to come and love on our kiddos and teach them new songs, new stories, and get them up and moving and excited to learn!

Mother Goose introduces herself!

 Engaging with her "little" crowd!

 These friends....eyes locked on Mother Goose!

 She does such a fantastic job at captivating her audience!

The sweetest of volunteers!

This volunteer showing you his octopus puppet!

 Singing songs about the ocean!

Lets clap our hands and sing a song!

Even our younger friends sat amazed!


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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Classroom and Teacher Feature!

We love when we get to do classroom features and really introduce you all to the phenomenal educators that we have. This week I really want to tell you about our Infant One teachers, Mrs. Sri, Ms. Mandy, and Mrs. Neven. These three are the most loyal, loving, caring, compassionate, and kind women, that are just absolutely perfect at making those moms and dads feel comfortable when dropping off their sweet babies. A lot of the time in our Infant One classroom, the babies are the first born for their parents, and it is often difficult for them to leave their precious babies to go back to work. Mrs. Sri, Ms. Mandy, and Mrs. Neven are so great at making moms and dads feel comfortable, and reassuring them that their child is in good hands and will be loved on all day long. These three teachers have been with us for a long time now, and are true gold! These ladies use the calmest voices when talking to their babies. They love to sing to them, rock them, and make them giggle! It is one of the greatest things to watch when these babies start off at 6 weeks old, then as their personalities start to develop, they start to get SO excited when they see their teachers faces upon arriving at school. We are so lucky to have these women be positive role models in our youngest kiddos lives. These sweet babies love being read to, which is something Ms. Mandy truly loves to do! Mrs. Sri loves introducing them to all types of different sensory activities that are developmentally appropriate for our babies, and Mrs. Neven loves singing to them! Our parents love these women just as much as we do, and we feel like the luckiest to have them as a part of our family!

 Sweet boy doing some light reading!

 This girl loves when Mrs. Neven sings to her! 

 Sensory bottles! 

 These littles really love looking at books with their girl!

 Ms. Mandy reading to the babies! They love Old MacDonald!

 When the book is just so funny...

 The look you get when Mrs. Neven sings Five Little Monkey's!

 Touch and Feel reading with our Mandy!

 Everyone's favorite book!

 More reactions to the hilarious Mrs. Neven!

 And of course, gotta use the music shaker's while she sings!

We also can't resist this sweet sleeping boy, who fell asleep during one of the books :)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mr. Big Time Healthy

What a summer we are having here at the Academy of Forrest Crossing! We have had so many fun special guests come visit already, but today's guest was one of the most fun, exciting, interactive, and energetic guests we've ever had! Today we had Mr. Big Time Healthy come to see us and boy were we all in for a treat with this one. Mr. Big Time Healthy came wearing green shoes, shorts, shirt, and a pretty sweet yellow cape. He brought blow up guitars, music, and stickers for the kids to have! He came to teach the kiddos about being eating healthy and just being healthy in general, but he had such a fun way of doing so. He had his own songs that he had made up and he had the kiddos singing them word for word before his time was over! Mr. Big Time Healthy was so great at interacting and making sure the children were having the best time. Being healthy is so incredibly important, and the easiest way to do so is to make sure you start young! We need good role models such as Mr. BTH because he is the expert at instilling in younger kiddos that being healthy IS fun and cool! We were super lucky that we got to hang out with him this morning and were so thankful for all of his knowledge that he shared with our sweet little friends! He even had our staff up on stage playing air guitar with him! The kiddos loved seeing their teachers up there just rocking out to songs about eating your vegetables and washing your hands! We had a ton of fun this morning and we can't wait to have him back! Check out these fun pictures that show the pure joy and happiness that Mr. Big Time Healthy brought to these kiddos faces! Until next time!

High fives for Mr. Big Time Healthy!

These kiddos LOVED following along!

 Jumping for joy because we love being healthy!

Time to shout, "BIG TIME HEALTHY!"

He had these kiddos so energetic and excited!

Take down low y'all!

Even our teachers were rockin' out! Thank you Mr. Big Time Healthy! We loved you!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

KBC Kickoff!

Kindergarten Boot Camp has officially kicked off and our kiddos are loving it. Every summer at the Academy we do KBC, which is for our friends that are going off to kindergarten. They get to do so many fun activities that will prepare them for things to come. The kiddos get their own KBC shirts that they get to wear on Tuesday's and Thursday's, and they love matching with their teachers! Each child also gets a backpack filled with goodies that they will be able to use when they go to kindergarten.  Each child has a workbook that the practice writing their name in, writing the alphabet, solving math problems, and just writing in general! The kiddos have been loving these workbooks as they give them a sense of responsibility and empowerment! They have been so very proud of themselves, and love showing off that they can write their names and letters of the alphabet. Another part of KBC that everyone loves is getting to experience what it will be like to eat in a cafeteria! We set up our own "cafeteria" in the enrichment area, and Mr. John and Ms. Carolyn have them all line up, and they serve them their food. They bring out a play cash register and have them enter in numbers, which is the sweetest thing ever. Their are so many different activities that the kiddos will get to engage in throughout the summer with KBC, and I can
't wait to write a wrap up of how it went at the end of summer. 

Carrying the cash register back to the classroom! Such a big helper. 

 Sweet girl was on trash duty! She helped her friends throw away all of their trash!

 Our sweet sweeper! He loves helping sweep up the crumbs after a wonderful meal time.

 The boys love the responsibility of putting the chairs up on the tables after lunch time.

 Using those big muscles!

 Being such a big help. 

 This sweetness! Just sitting at the table with her friends enjoying every second!

 Sitting in the "Cafeteria" with their friends

 Going through the lunch line!

 Mr. John and Ms. Carolyn teaching these kiddos the ways of kindergarten!

 They grow up so fast y'all!

 Lining up for lunch!

 The kids practice putting in numbers in the cash register before they go through the lunch line. 

 Can't wait to hear how these kiddos do in kindergarten!

And a sweet smile from a sweet girl to end our KBC Kickoff blog!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Fish Guy Visits!

Another fun summer week is here and that means another fun special guest! This week we got to experience the FISH GUY! We love when the Fish Guy comes by the school to take care of our giant fish tank, but it's even cooler when he comes by in the summer time to show us his cool fish up close and personal! This time he brought with him two super cute clown fish, a giant zebra eel, and two huge frogs! The kiddos loved getting to see the fish while he brought them around to everyone. The Fish Guy told our friends lots of interesting facts about the frogs, eel, and clown fish. Like the fact the the zebra eel will end up being so long that it would no longer fit in its tank! The zebra eel is also very hard to pick up, because he's very slippery. Did you know that a zebra eel can swim both forwards and backwards!? We sure didn't! The kiddos loved talking about the clown fish because it reminds them all of Finding Nemo. The Fish Guy explained to them all about the anemones, and how they would sting us if we were to touch it, but it won't sting the clown fish! The frogs were super cool too! The kiddos had a blast learning all types of new things about these sea animals, and we sure loved seeing the sweetest of smiles all over their faces! Now on to our next special guest! Who could it be!?
 Our zebra eel friend!

 Up close and personal!

 Eventually, he will be so long that he wont fit in his aquarium!

 All of our friends loved getting to see the fish!

Here we have our little friends checking out the adorable clown fish!
 Our kiddos were so well behaved and loved listening to what the Fish Guy had to tell them

 Even our youngest of friends sat so well and enjoyed the fish!

More clown fish!

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