Saturday, February 15, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

The week of Valentine's Day has quickly approached us and boy what a fun week it has been! We are so fortunate to be able to love on some of the most amazing children and staff members in the entire world. We started this week off by surprising all of our staff members with a different act of love each day. On Monday morning when they arrived, the staff room was decorated with everything pink and red, hearts hanging from the ceiling, hearts on the walls, and candy everywhere! Our incredible families also participated! Each staff member also walked in to find love notes addressed to them from myself (Emily), Erica, and Jamie! They also found they that had love notes addressed to them from the parents of kiddos in their classrooms! Thank you so much to each of our wonderful families who made our educators feel so incredibly loved this week! We also provided a fully loaded snack bar on Tuesday, heart shaped donuts on Wednesday, a super sweet candy bar on Thursday, and a taco bar on Friday! Speaking of Friday (Valentine's Day), was the classroom party that we do each year. We had a few parent volunteers in our PreK rooms who helped pass out Valentines! The kiddos spent their week working hard on their Valentines boxes, or for the younger rooms, Valentines paper bags! They were all very proud of what they created! The parties were so much fun, and it was so great seeing the turnout of parents who were able to attend! Each classroom had different snacks, drinks, and lots of sweets to eat and of course... Valentine's to pass out! The whole week was so much fun and we are so grateful to each and every teacher, child, and family that attends Forrest Crossing. Thank you so much for everything you do. We LOVE you!

The sweetest class!

First Valentine's Day :)

Let the parties begin!

The cutest box!

Did you say... cookies!?

 That smile says it all!

 Valentine's outfit on point!

 Oh man... the sweetest.

 Parents getting in on the fun!

Love the wrapping on these sweet treats.

 YES it is!!

 Showing off the goods!

 Passing out the Valentines for their friends!

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Yes you are buddy :)

 Best friends.

 These girls!!

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Friday, February 7, 2020

The month of LOVE!

We love showing our love and appreciation for all of our kiddos, families, and staff around here! The month of February is such a fun month to celebrate love and how important it is to remind those around us that they are loved and appreciated. We love seeing everyone giving hugs an telling their friends things that they love about one another. The kiddos have been working hard creating Valentine's cards for their parents on heart shaped cards, writing poems with their friends in class, and enjoying some delicious heart shaped snacks! Here are some super fun activities that we have planned for the rest of this month!

February 7th: Valentine's Dress Up Day! 
Showing off all of those colors of LOVE! Hearts are everywhere!

Image result for valentines day dress up

February 11th: DIY Heart Stamping Station!
We will have a station all set up for everyone to use their creative minds and create some super fun and sweet hearts! Don't forget to share them with the ones you love.

Image result for heart stamping activity

February 14th: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!
We will be having our annual Valentine's Day parties. We will do a Valentine's Exchange with all of our friends, then celebrate with some food, drinks, and lots of sweets!

Image result for valentines day cookies

Image result for cute valentines day cards milk and cookies

February 17th: President's Day! 
We will have a special snack this afternoon which will be red, white, and blue yogurt cups!

Image result for presidents day snacks

February 18th: Random Act of Kindness Day!
This will be our first year dedicating a whole day to random acts of kindness. We can't wait to see what sweetness everyone comes up with :)

Image result for random acts of kindness day

February 19th: Special Guest!
We will be having a very special visit from our local dentist!

Image result for dentist

February 24th: Learn and Listen
We will be learning all about Luis Armstrong and different types of Jazz Music.

Image result for louis armstrong

February 26th: Dress Up Day!
Happy National Fairy Tale Day! Dress as your favorite Fairy Tale :)

Image result for fairy tales

February 28th: HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY AOFC!!!
Thank you to all of our families for choosing us! We love you!
Image result for 4th anniversary
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Friday, January 31, 2020

Ice Cream With Elsa!

We love being able to bring fun and new events to our school for our children and our families to be able to take part in. For the past few years we have done "Waffles with Olaf" so this year we wanted to change it up just a little bit to keep the magic! For this year, we decided it would be so much fun to invite our girl Elsa over for some ice cream! We had children who had countdowns going and this day marked on their calendars for a whole month! Everyone was so excited to see Elsa and of course to eat ice cream! Just a few days before our event, we also did a dress-up day where everyone was invited to dress-up as a character from "Frozen." The kiddos all loved this so much and we had the sweetest costumes everywhere! Even our boys had on super cool Kristoff costumes! This day really got these sweet littles ready for the big event. Elsa came in the afternoon with Frozen playing on the big screen, coloring sheets, face paint, ice cream, and really cute take home gifts!! This was so much fun and all of our kiddos and parents truly seemed to enjoy it. We love hosting these events and every year they just get better and better. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined in on the fun with us!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen!?


 The prettiest girl enjoying some ice cream!

 Elsa giving our friends some sweet face paint!

 A whole class full of FROZEN!

 Mirror mirror, on the wall....

 We love our families so much :)

 Love this sweet crew!

 Bracelets and Bubbles!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Bounce House Day!

          What's better for these kiddos to do on a cold and rainy day then to bounce in our giant bounce house!? Oh right, NOTHING! We love getting to have those random days throughout our year where we blow up the bounce house in our enrichment room, and each class takes turns getting to bounce! The teachers have so much fun getting to watch their kids having the best time ever bouncing away. The only kiddos who are sometimes a little bit nervous to try it out are our youngest toddlers, but once they work up the courage to step inside, they love it! Using the bounce house is a really great way to get those little bodies moovin and groovin! It is excellent exercise for them and a great way to get that energy out and ensure some pretty good naps! We had such a blast getting to put the bounce house to great use this past week! Check out these sweet photos!

 Bouncing super high!

 Trying to go UP the slide!!

 Sliding down!

 Sweetness overload!

 Friends who didnt want to bounce, colored!

 Thank goodness for Mrs. Katherine!

Sweet little toddler friends!

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Teacher Feature: Ms. Jocelyn

This week I wanted to do a Teacher Feature on someone very special to us here at Forrest Crossing. Ms. Jocelyn, our toddler three teacher has been here with us since November of 2017 and she has been such a huge asset to this school ever since. Jocelyn is absolutely one of the most loyal and dedicated teachers we have seen and we are SO lucky that she chose to come work with us! We all know that it takes a special person to be a preschool teacher, but it take a REALLY special person to be a toddler teacher y'all! Toddlers are forever keeping you on your toes and testing your patience with every chance they get! Ms. Jocelyn has the patience of saint and heart made of gold! Ms. Jocelyn has the most wonderful ability to create strong connections with not only her sweet kiddos, but their parents as well. We believe that these parent/teacher connections are just one of the many reasons that all of our families just dote so hugely on Ms. Jocelyn! One of the comments we hear frequently about Jocelyn is how special she makes each child feel when greeting them in the morning's! Ms. Jocelyn is always smiling so hugely when she sees her kiddos come walking in the door. She will instantly get down on their level and scoop them up for a big giant snuggle! One of my personal favorite's is seeing these babe go R U N N I N G towards her yelling, "Jocey!!!" The affection that she shows towards her babes and even all of the babes that are not in her class is just a prime example of Jocelyn's heart, and just how huge it is :)  We are so grateful for Ms. Jocelyn her leadership. Every teacher that has gotten to teach beside her in her room has truly learned so much! Thank you Ms. Jocelyn for being so reliable, dedicated, kind, joyful, loving, and just plain amazing! We love you so much!

 Circle Time with Ms. Jocey!

 Always going "to infinity and beyond" when it comes to dress up days!

 These kiddos are always so engaged with their teacher!

 I mean... how crazy sweet is this!?

 Partners in crime!! The best assistant to Ms. Jocelyn!

 Sweet girl loves her Jocey

 Teacher friends!

All of the hugs and love for Ms. Jocelyn!

Throwback to Dino week!!

Supporting her littles while they create!

 Jocelyn always comes up with the best artwork :)

The MOST appreciation for you!