Thursday, January 26, 2023

February- Love month

 At AOFC we are bringing in the month of Love otherwise known as February, with lots of snuggles, hearts, Valentines and most importantly LOVE! We love all our families and sweet kids that enter our classrooms each day with love and kisses and end each day with love and kisses from mommies, daddy's, and teachers.  Our educators take pride in teaching as well as loving on their kids, giving them positive affirmations and modeling kindness towards others.  XOXO from our AOFC family! 

Drawing a picture and writing who she loves! 

Who does he love?


More hearts! 


Sweet friends!

The really do love each other! 

Twin love! 

Loving on her babies! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Three Little Pigs house challenge

 In our Preschool 3 class this week they were learning about fairy tales and tall tales.  Ms Isis, the PS 3 lead educator, divided the students at tables so they could try building their own versions of The Three Little Pigs houses using, sticks, straws and bricks(legos).  Each table worked on building the sturdiest version of each house so when Ms Isis came by to "blow their house down" it was either going to stay up or fall down. The students at the table with sticks had a house made of not only sticks but tape as well, the house made of straw included both tape and some yarn and finally the brick table used legos to make sure their house wasn't going anywhere.   The houses built by the students stayed up despite the effort of Ms Isis to blow each one down and everyone lived happily ever after!! 

The team building the house made of sticks! 

The beginning of the straw house! 

Their awesome house made of sticks! 

Admiring their work! 

The house made of bricks wasn't going anywhere! 

Using a little tape on the house made of sticks! 


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Dressing for the weather

 As I am sure you have noticed our weather day to day continually changes and sometimes it doesn't even reflect the same season!  That is why it's important to make sure that each child is dressed appropriately for the changing weather conditions. Obviously, with it being winter and certain days being definitely colder than others, dressing in layers is very important so that the child stays warm but does not over heat. Wearing breathable layers under winter gear is important as it keeps skin covered but each layer can be removed should the conditions change. Covering exposed skin to the elements with gloves and hats as well as a coat will make winter outside time much more enjoyable for the child. On days where the weather fluctuates, long sleeves and even a light jacket are fine for outdoor play.  No matter the changing weather, our AOFC kids love to be outdoors and knowing what to wear allows them the opportunity to have fun while being able to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures.

Got on her hat and coat to keep warm! 

Wearing gloves keeps her hands warm! 

So cozy! 

Ears are covered! 

No jackets necessary today! 

Some long sleeves and some short sleeves! 

He is ready to play! 

Friday, January 6, 2023

Snow activities

We have been bringing in our new year with Snow decor, Snow flakes, Snowball fights,  Snowmen and anything else Snow related. Our Enrichment room has been turned into a winter wonderland and in every classroom you will see some sort of snow related decor. Winter can be blah with the cold and unpredictable weather but at AOFC we have turned our winter blues into an amazing winter wonderland! It would be exciting to eventually have some of the real stuff but until then we will enjoy our very own AOFC wonderland and all the snow activities! 

Beautiful snowflakes and winter village! 

Making snow for a sensory activity! 

PS 3 had a snowball fight, White team against the Blue team! 

Blue team is warming up for the Snowball fight! 

The snowball fight begins!

White team!

Blue team and the winners! 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Heading into a new year!

 The countdown is on to 2023 and the kids in each classroom are making celebration crowns to bring in the new year in a few short days! New Year's resolutions from teachers are being tossed around but mostly everyone can't believe what a year it's been and everyone is excitedly awaiting the ringing in of a brand new year! We wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year and for making us a part of your family!! Happy 2023! 

Ready for the New Year! 

He is coloring his awesome crown! 

Cheese and thumbs up! 

He is very excited about 2023! 

Testing out the crowns while playing! 

Happy New Year! 

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Sweets with Santa

 AOFC had a special visit from the big man himself plus lots of sweet treats to enjoy after telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  There were waves, high fives, hugs and lots of excited voices filling the Enrichment room as each child and family took there turn with Santa.  Christmas is close and you can feel the excitment in the air as Santa gets his sleigh ready for the big journey in a few short days. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and we love having you a part of our AOFC family!!

They had to stand up as there was a lot to talk to Santa about!

Sitting on Santa's lap!

Enjoying the yummy sweet treats! 

So excited to talk to Santa!!

She even had her own reindeer with her to meet Santa! 

Santa is trying to keep up with both telling him things at the same time! 

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Countdown to Christmas


We are on the countdown to Christmas here at AOFC with several fun things going on these last couple of weeks.  The Prek and Preschool classes wrote their letters to Santa and put them in the special mailbox that will head straight to the North Pole so the Elves can get started making all the toys! Everyone enjoyed the Christmas show that we had with a Ventriloquist and all her special friends.  They pretented to go on a trip to the North Pole and sang some Christmas songs and listened to a special snail named Arlo that liked to play tricks, talk about wanting to be a Reindeer. So much fun and it was a great way to begin the day and tomorrow the Big man himself comes for a visit here and we can hardly wait! Merry Christmas to you all!

Lots of things on this list! 

She is putting it into the special Santa mailbox! 

Checking it to make sure it is right! 

There it goes! 

Sweet girl excited ! 

Asking if baby wants to see Santa!